Weekend of Outdoor Climbing for Families Affected by Type 1 Diabetes

Our annual weekend of outdoor climbing  in Rumney, NH will take place July 27-28, 2019. The whole family is invited to participate.  We hike in to the climbing area as a group. Some parents choose to climb; others don’t. Most of the approaches to the climbing areas are 20-30 minutes. The terrain is somewhat steep and requires some degree of fitness, similar to that required of climbing several flights of stairs. Most people are fine doing the approaches in sneakers. The climbs at Rumney start at the very beginner level. No climbing experience is required. We have reserved a couple of large camp sites for the group at a campground that is a short drive from the climbing area, but there are hotels in the area if you would prefer not to camp. Rock Type 1 is covering the cost of the group camp sites. We are able to provide climbing equipment (harnesses, shoes, and helmets) for everyone who wants to climb so that no one has to buy or rent equipment. We will have experienced volunteers to belay everyone and keep everyone safe. Families usually arrive Friday evening, with climbing from Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon (weather permitting). However, some families choose to join us for either Saturday or Sunday only. We are completely flexible. Please contact us at rocktype1diabetes@gmail.com if you might be interested in joining us or would like more information about the event. For safety reasons, we keep this event very small. Please contact us soon if you are interested.