A Common Language

At our most recent climbing event for families affected by type 1 diabetes, we were laughing about how both t1d and climbing have their own language. When we’re out in public and ask Liam if he’s high, we sometimes get curious looks from strangers. Climbing is the same way, with smearing, dynoing, and belaying.

This conversation made me stop and think about how refreshing it can be to spend time with people who share my language. That’s not to say that I mind explaining t1d to people. I’m flattered when people care enough about Liam and our family to want to know more about his medical condition. It’s just that it’s REALLY hard to explain because it is SO complicated. I often find myself saying things like, “…and that works most of the time but sometimes it just doesn’t.”

I like spending time with parents who I know are in the trenches with us. Parents who know what it’s like to look at a meter reading and be totally caught off guard when your child is low or high for no apparent reason. Parents who understand the anxiety and the fear. Parents who share the sleepless nights. Parents who would do anything to take this burden away from our kids. Parents who share a common desire to give our kids lives without limits while keeping them safe.

By Susan Ramsey