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Is Everyone Else Healthy?

I spent Friday night in an emergency department with my daughter so that she could be evaluated after taking nasty fall during a climbing competition. (She’s going to be fine. She just needs to let a neck sprain and mild concussion heal.) When the resident who was taking Grace’s medical history asked about family history […]

A Common Language

At our most recent climbing event for families affected by type 1 diabetes, we were laughing about how both t1d and climbing have their own language. When we’re out in public and ask Liam if he’s high, we sometimes get curious looks from strangers. Climbing is the same way, with smearing, dynoing, and belaying. This […]

Beta Cell Survivor Guilt

Earlier this week, I had the great privilege of attending the MasterLab workshop in diabetes advocacy. A great big thank you to Diabetes Advocates, a component of the Diabetes Hands Foundation, for hosting an inspiring and informative panel of speakers for the day. Dr. Mark Heyman (who has a website that is definitely worth exploring) […]

Rock Type 1 Climbing Event-March 12, 2016

We’re hosting a free climbing event for kids and teens with type 1 diabetes and their siblings on March 12th, 2016, 5-7 pm, Central Rock Gym, Worcester, MA. While kids climb, parents can attend a presentation by Toni Fiori, RD and Nancy McShea, RN, CDE on “Power Food.” At 7 pm, Erin Spineto, founder of […]


I have always loved data. When I was in 2nd grade, my mom forced me to get a really short haircut because she was tired of trying to get the knots out of my longer hair. She tried to convince me that it was flattering. I decided to prove her wrong by administering a survey […]

Our worst diabetes day. Ever.

Our son Liam was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (t1d) almost 5 years ago. Through a combination of good luck and amazing technology, we have been incredibly fortunate and have avoided the things that we fear most. Most days, t1d is an annoying hassle, but there are days when it takes over our lives and […]

Rock Type 1 Adventure Challenge 2015

We’re hosting our 2nd Annual Rock Type 1 Adventure Challenge for kids and teens with type 1 diabetes and their siblings on September 19th (with a rain date of September 20th), 2-6 pm, Lincoln Woods State Park, Lincoln, RI. Come climb on real rock with us (we’ve scouted out a bigger and better rock face)! […]

Camp & Comfort Zones

When our son Liam was diagnosed at the age of 7, the Certified Diabetes Educator who was training us in all things type 1 mentioned a sleep away camp for kids with t1d. I could not imagine that Liam would be ready for a week-long sleep away camp the following summer. I generated about 10 […]